Medical Audits Supports the Implementation of ISBAR Communication Tool as part of Effective Sepsis Recognition and Management

Medical Audits ISBAR Audit Tool

The role of a standardised format ‘ISBAR’ – ‘Introduction, Situation, Background, Assessment and Recommendation’ communication tool in promoting and supporting clear, accurate clinical handover is well recognised internationally

The ISBAR Audit tool from Medical Audits is bespoke developed to assist with the implementation and ongoing monitoring of the use of ISBAR in clinical handover.

All Medical Audits TS+ Sepsis bundles simplify the complex processes involved in Identifying Sepsis and enable standardised Sepsis management. Each of our bundles are designed to audit practice in relation to the key elements of sepsis management with a range of care bundles and audits to support the implementation of best practice guidelines.

Our Sepsis Management bundle includes audits and training resources for Sepsis Management

Implementing Sepsis screening programmes is now a national patient safety initiative. Medical Audits Sepsis Management audits are designed by healthcare experts with years of experience in implementing change and driving improvement strategies.

We know how challenging this can be and so we have designed a suite of audits, backed up with training and education resources, to empower staff in the clinical area.

Isbar Communication Tool.

Communication is one of the most important factors impacting on the outcome of an acutely ill patient. Sub –optimal communication between Clinicians compromises patient safety and so needs to be standardised to ensure all the key facts are passed on accurately.

ISBAR (Introduction, Situation, Background, Assessment, and Recommendation) organises a conversation into the essential elements in the transfer of information from one source to another. Its effectiveness has been demonstrated in both clinical and non clinical situations of communication transfer.

ISBAR is a Communication Tool adapted from the SBAR tool, which was developed by the American navy to ensure urgent communication in nuclear submarines was provided in a standardised, clear and concise way.

It is also well established in aviation and is designed to provide a framework that would encourage staff to gather the appropriate information and then organise this information in a clear and concise format to communicate onwards.

While ISBAR is used most effectively for urgent escalation of care; ISBAR 3 is another adaption from ISBAR designed for interdepartmental and shift change clinical handover.

Medical Audits Technology Systems enable and support your implementation to best practice guidelines and standards

✔ The Surviving Sepsis Campaign, International Guidelines for Management of Severe Sepsis and Septic Shock: 2012 (updated 2015)
✔ The Irish Clinical Guideline for Sepsis Management (2015)
✔ NICE guidelines on the recognition, diagnosis and management of severe sepsis *

*NICE guidance for sepsis are in development and will include the recognition, diagnosis and management of severe sepsis. Once issued, our systems will be updated to comply with any new recommendations

As with all Medical Audits’ systems, the data is available in real time on the audit devices AND on up to the minute digital dashboards, providing staff with feedback as soon as the audit is completed.

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ISBAR Communication Tool

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Quality Assurance


Easy to use optimised user interface


Tripled audit capacity


Real time digital dashboards and reports


Ward digital dashboards


Immediate feedback


Action Plans

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Multi-disciplinary involvement in SEPSIS recognition and management Essential to saving lives from SEPSIS.

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Medical Audit’s Technology System helps you monitor practice and train staff, ensuring Early Recognition of Sepsis and prompt Antimicrobial treatment.

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