Design your audits harnessing our platform features

Design Your Own Audits

Healthcare audits professionally implemented

Flexibility of your audits with the benefits and features of our audit platform

Benefit from over a decade of our superb audit, reporting and monitoring quality assurance platform with the flexibility of creating your own audits.

Medical Audits audit platform features as standard

Your audits have immediate access to the features of the Medical Audits audit platform including:

  • Real-time digital dashboards
  • Web based management and reporting system
  • Data analysis and targeted training processes
  • Export directly to excel and pdf
  • Accessed via smart phones, tablets and laptops etc.
  • Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge compatible
Hospital Audit Development

Healthcare/ hospital benefits:

  • Monitor and evidence compliance
  • Support bed side learning and education
  • Complete mobile auditing and reporting at the bedside
  • Provide Immediate feedback at point of care
  • Eliminate double data entry
  • Triple your auditing capacity, releases time to care
  • Support change management and best practice initiatives
  • Measure KPIs and Patient Outcomes

Using Medical Audits audit design software you can:-

  1. Enhance your quality assurance systems by using our built-in tracking systems to provide assurance of the actions taken to monitor for compliance and risks identified during audit
  2. Use our range of Trend reports to monitor your continuous quality improvement
  3. Compare your compliance rates across multiple sites and multiple areas
  4. Produce visually stunning real time dashboards and RAG tables
  5. Produce automated star rated compliance certificates to display at department level
Create Hospital Audits

Data security you can trust

All your data is secure with enterprise-grade security features including data encryption, redundancy, continuous network monitoring and plenty more.

With UK and EU GDPR compliance as standard, it’s trusted by everyone from National screening services, NHS Trusts, HSE groups and Government departments.

Our audit platform is used by the UK NHS hospitals, private and Irish Health service as a SaaS provider, so you can rest assured your data is in safe hands.

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Medical Audits Design Audit

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Medical Audits provide the complete package for Healthcare auditing and quality assurance

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