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Community Based Infection Prevention Audit Package Includes:

The community Infection Prevention audit package is part of our Saving Lives audit range and has been developed to support Infection Control teams working across the spectrum of community care areas.

Infection prevention audit for Residential Care

Community Care Specifically designed for auditing Infection prevention Standards in residential care settings, this audit system includes audit of resident’s rooms, toilets, clinical rooms, kitchens, clean utility rooms, sluice rooms and communal areas.

Waste management audits, sharps audits and equipment audits are also included in this Infection Control auditing tool for residential care. More...

GP Practice Audit tools

Community Care The GP Practice audit has been designed for auditing Primary care standards related to GP practices.

Some of the Infection prevention audits for GP practices included in the Audit tool are:-

Consulting Room hygiene audit, patient waiting room audit and a primary care decontamination audit.

Waste management audits, sharps audits and equipment audits are also included in this audit tool for GP practices. More...

Infection Control audits for Dental Practices

Community Care
Dental guidelines (HTM 01-05) and covering the decontamination of instruments, the layout of the area used for cleaning and decontamination of instruments and the cleaning of the environment and equipment following each patient are included in this Audit tool for monitoring dental practices.

Real time data enables reports and action plans to be generated before leaving the GP practice and assures complete transparency of the audit process. More...

Auditing Day/Resource Centres

Community Care The community care audit tool also includes an audit and quality improvement tool for auditing day /resource centres.

The Infection prevention and control standards for resource centres focus on the communal areas, toilets, kitchen and environmental hygiene.

Best practice guidance for waste management, sharps audits, linen audit tool and auditing infection control standards for patient equipment is included. More...

Prison Services Audit for Infection Prevention and Control Standards in the Prison Service

Community Care This audit tool for prison services provides a comprehensive audit of the infection control standards for prisons and detention centres.

The Prison services audit tool is based on best practice standards including:-

Prevention of infection and communicable disease control in prisons and places of detention (HPA & DOH, 2011).

Irish Prison Service Healthcare Standards (Irish Prison Service, 2011).

Included in the Infection Control Audit for Prisons is an audit of Accommodation in Prisons, Audit of Communal areas, Sanitary Standards in prisons, audit tool for clinical procedure rooms and exam rooms in prison services and management of waste and sharps in detension centres. More...

Out Patient Clinic Infection Prevention Audit tool

Community Care This audit tool for auditing Infection Prevention and Control standards in Primary care clinics and outpatient departments is specifically designed to may auditing efficient, standardised and effective.

The Outpatient audit tool includes standards related to Primary Care settings including standards for decontamination in primary care, management of waste in primary care, sharps auditing for primary care and environmental standards for primary care settings.

Medical Audits Community Care Audit Systems Have Been Developed to Support Infection Prevention and Control Teams working in Community Settings

Medical Audits Community Care Audit system incorporates National standards for Infection Prevention in non acute settings and is designed with reference to the following standards and guidance:-

✔ High Impact Interventions (NHS Improvement & IPS, 2017).
✔ Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA) National Standards for the prevention and control of healthcare-associated infections in acute healthcare services (2017).
✔ Guidance for Application of Standards and Recommended Practices in Primary Care Local Decontamination Units (HSE, Ireland 2016).
✔ Standard Infection Control Precautions (SIPCs) (Health Protection Scotland 2016).
✔ National Standards for Residential Care Settings for Older People in Ireland (HIQA, 2016)
✔ Scottish Health Technical Note 3 NHS Scotland waste management guidance (2015)
✔ Decontamination of linen for health and social care: Social care (DOHUK, 2015).
✔ National Guidance for Safe Management of Linen in NHS Scotland (2015)
✔ Prevention and control of infection in care home – an information resource (Health Protection Agency, 2013).
✔ Management and disposal of healthcare waste (HTM 07-01) - England 2013.
✔ HTM 01-05 (2013) standards on decontamination in dental practices.
✔ Code of Practice for Decontamination of Reusable Invasive Medical Devices (HSE,2012)
✔ EPIC 3 Guidelines on prevention of HCAI in England (2012).
✔ Prevention of infection and communicable disease control in prisons and places of detention (HPA & DOH, 2011).
✔ Quality and Process Improvement tools (Infection Prevention Society (IPS, 2008)


✔ Easy to use mobile audit system for auditing infection prevention standards related to accommodation, kitchens, waiting rooms, linen, waste, sharps, equipment, communal areas, cleaners sluice and more.
✔ Percentage compliance rates and areas for improvement identified as you audit.
✔ Auto generated feedback reports and action plans.
✔ Pre-populated Quality Improvement Plans at your fingertips.
✔ Compliance rates tracked and monitored with trend analysis reports.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

The NHS framework - Transforming Nursing for Community and Primary Care Programme (TNfCPC) requires community care teams to monitor and measure patient outcomes and Key performance indicators (KPIs).

Medical Audits has a range of audit systems to support your organisations outcome monitoring and to complement our Infection Prevention and control auditing systems such as:-

✔ Surveillance of HCAI
✔ Hand Hygiene audit tools
✔ High impact interventions (2017) audits
✔ Urinary Catheter Care Bundle Compliance auditing
✔ Decontamination Audit systems
✔ Health and Safety Legislation audits
✔ Safe Medication Management audits


Because all our systems combine into one complete auditing and quality assurance system, you can seamlessly audit across acute hospitals, primary care teams, nursing homes, Dental practices, GP practices, out-patient clinics, prison services and more.

Medical Audits Auditing and Quality Assurance Systems Provide the Technology Systems for Monitoring Infection Prevention Standards across Community Services

Infection Prevention Control Audit Software
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Medical Audits Systems Support Infection Prevention and Control Across the Spectrum of Community Care Settings.

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