Infection Prevention and Control Services for Hospitals

Experienced Infection Control Nurse Services


These services are provided by Medical Audits Infection Prevention Team.

Our team are qualified Infection Prevention and Control Nurses (IPCN) with years of experience in healthcare.

Our IPCNs all have an MSc in Infection Prevention and Control and have been working in clinical practice for over 15 years.

Professional, experienced, efficient Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) services including:

✔Short term support for local IPC Teams
✔Completely confidential Infection Control Audit services
✔Prevalence audits and Surveillance of Healthcare Associated Infections (HCAI)
✔National standards for Infection Prevention and Control gap analysis and development of Quality improvement plans
✔Development of Annual IPC plans, KPIs and IPC guidelines

Short term support for local Infection Control (IPC) Teams

Medical Audits have a team of experienced, qualified, Infection Prevention Nurses with years of clinical practice available to provide short term support for your local Infection prevention and Control team.

We can help with a range of different support services to enable your team get on with the day to day activities of infection prevention.

Contact us for more information or to discuss how we can help

Completely confidential Infection Control Audit services

We provide an independent auditing service which can be designed and tailored to your specific needs.

If you are short staffed or have resource issues due to short term staff absences we can help by coming on site and carrying out your quarterly hygiene and infection control audits for you

Infection Control Audits include:

  • Hand hygiene audits
  • Audits of compliance with care bundles
  • Cleaning standards audits
  • Hygiene standards audits – environment and patient equipment
  • Audits of cleaning to PAS 5748 and National Hygiene standards
  • Detailed report with in-depth analysis of issues identified
  • Detailed suggested action plans and interventions for improvement

Prevalence Audits and Surveillance of Healthcare Associated Infections (HCAI)

If you are struggling to get Surveillance of HCAI up and running and just don't quite know where to start - give us a call.

Our audit and Surveillance software will make prevalence audits and collection of surveillance data much easier and faster than you'd think.

If you just don't have the time or resources to get surveillance started, then we can come on site and complete the prevalence audit data collection for you.

We will analyse the results using our powerful surveillance software and provide you with a risk assessment report and an action plan for ongoing targeted surveillance.

We can help you set up a surveillance programme to meet you specific needs and provide advice on targeted surveillance strategies.

We can complete surveillance such as :

  • One off Prevalence audits of Surgical site infection, Blood stream infection, Urinary Tract infection, MDRO etc.
  • Scheduled prevalence audits quarterly, 6 monthly, annually
  • Targeted audits of surgical site infection in specific high risk procedures

National standards for Infection Prevention and Control gap analysis and development of Quality improvement plans

New standards released or need to update your current procedures and guidelines to reflect newest standards?

  • We can assign an experienced Infection prevention and Control Nurse (IPCN) to come on site, review current practice and documents and cross-reference them with the most up to date standards.
  • We will then provide a report detailing the gaps in practice, areas requiring changes to protocols or updated documentation required to meet the new standards.
  • We will develop a Quality improvement plan detailing progress and steps to compliance.

Development of Annual IPC plans, KPIs and Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) guidelines

If you find you just can’t take the time out of the day to day work to write your annual infection control plan then we can help

  • New HIQA recommendations (2017) and CQC guidelines require Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) teams to have detailed Infection Prevention plans that are prepared with reference to local quality and risk assessments, local audit results and surveillance data.
  • We can write your local Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) programme and plan for you – saving you time and allowing you get on with the day to day requirements of running an infection control service
  • We can advise on Key performance indicators (KPIs) and Quality improvement initiatives and then write these up for you in preparation for your NHS Improvement visit, JCI accreditation or HIQA audit

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