Auditing Compliance With WHO 5 Moments for Hand Hygiene

Observational Audit with Feedback is Most Effective at Improving Hand Hygiene Compliance (WHO, 2009)

Triple Your Auditing Capacity Using Our Hand Hygiene Audit Tools

Revolutionary Hand Hygiene Auditing Tools

  • Hand Hygiene Compliance, Barriers to Hand Washing, Technique and More.
  • The Audit Tool is so easy to use – A few minutes training and you or indeed your link nurses or department managers, can be confidently auditing
  • The data is collected and stored as you audit- No need to re-enter information or calculate results saving you time and increasing your auditing capacity

Huge Time Savings Using Our Hand Hygiene Audit Software

  • Increase your Hand Hygiene Auditing Capacity – With No Need for Extra Staff to Audit or Input Data
  • Data correlated as you audit
  • Available to disseminate at the touch of a screen
  • Target you hand hygiene training where it’s needed
  • No transcribing from paper based tools to excel files and reports
  • Efficient use of staff resources

With Medical Audits Hand Hygiene Auditing system

  • You observe practice and our hand hygiene auditing tool provides the results of your audit. You can then give feedback and education based on up to date results
  • Our auditing software facilitates immediate feedback. Results can be accessed on the audit device and detailed feedback given before you leave
  • Hand hygiene audit results auto generate ward based dashboards and Group wide RAG charts in real-time

Targeted Education And Training Using Paperless Hand Hygiene Audit Tools

  • This in-depth knowledge of practice and compliance assists Infection Prevention and Control Professionals in targeting training to the specific needs of the organisation, ward and HCW group
  • Personalising the results ensures the HCW can understand where they are going wrong and thus practice and compliance improves

improved Hand Hygiene Compliance

  • The gold practice standard for improving compliance is audit with immediate feedback. You carry out the audit, TS+ will provide you with the information for immediate feedback
  • Assist your staff in understanding their compliance rates with our visually powerful graphs and charts

Our Hand Hygiene Audit Tools Comply with Best International Practice

  • Based on WHO standardised hand hygiene audit tool
  • Meets the new EPIC 3 recommendations
  • Complies with Care Quality Commission (CQC)standards
  • Meets Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA) standards
  • Complies with Scotland’s Standard Infection Prevention and Control (SIPC) requirements

Hand Hygiene Audit Software for Fast Accurate Easy Hand Hygiene Auditing

  • Our hand hygiene auditing tools provides mobile auditing technology, making observational audit of hand hygiene compliance easy and efficient
  • Your Hand Hygiene audit results are generated on the device as you audit, putting the results at your finger tips without leaving the clinical area
  • Supports mobile auditing of hand hygiene compliance with immediate feedback at point of care (WHO Gold Standard)

Powerful Analysis of Hand Hygiene Auditing Data

  • Medial Audits Hand Hygiene audit software analyses the data as you audit and provides Insightful Analysis in Visually Powerful Reports and Charts
  • The Range of reports and charts is second to none – Our Indepth, practical Knowledge of Healthcare influences the range of data and choice of reports available
  • Our Infection Prevention expertise and clinical experience create bespoke reports and indepth analysis

WHO 5 Moments Validated Audit Tool

  • Uses World Health Organisation 5 Moments validated audit tool
  • Facilitates WHO Gold standard of observational audit with feedback
  • Supports the widely used Lewisham’s observational audit tool
  • Proven to improve hand hygiene compliance - ask our customers

Reduced Infection Rates

  • The 2012 Prevalence study of HCAI in Uk and Ireland estimated that between 5.2% and 6.4% of our patients will acquire an infection in hospital
  • We owe it to our patients to do everything in our power to reduce their risks of HCAI
  • Improving hand hygiene compliance has a major impact on reducing risks of Healthcare associated infections

Observational audit with feedback is the Gold standard in improving compliance

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Personal, Specific,Immediate Feedback Delivers Real Impact For Change

“It is essential that a culture of hand hygiene practise is embedded in every service at all levels” (HIQA, 2009)

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