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Hand hygiene, previously referred to as hand washing, is an essential component of any programme to prevent healthcare-associated infection. It is a critical action in reducing the incidence of cross-infection.

This is a simple measure but unfortunately is often poorly carried out with inadequate attention to detail. Hand hygiene audits of compliance have found sub-optimal levels of hand washing and use of alcohol hand rub amongst a range of healthcare professional groups.

Cleaning hands in non acute settings must be audited according to the 5 Moments for Hand Hygiene and results fed back to staff if they are to understand the concept and comply with best practice for hand hygiene.

Hand hygiene audits mandatory for all healthcare settings

The Health Service Executive (HSE) in Ireland and Department of Health UK both insist Hand hygiene education must be a mandatory component of all clinical courses and induction programmes. ‘Audit of compliance with hand hygiene guidelines should be a component of the overall infection control programme in each institution and the results fed back to relevant individuals in the institution’ (SARI, 2009).

Even large teaching hospitals and national centres of excellence struggle to have the resources and Infection Prevention personnel available to carry out this education and audit. The auditing is essential but what is frustrating is the time consuming and frustrating time spent correlating the results and provide meaningful feedback... a waste of valuable time ... spent in the office instead of the clinical area.

For those responsible for Infection Prevention in smaller hospitals nursing homes… but help is available. Our Technology System TS+ is a direct replacement for your current audit tool, and its so easy to use that once you understand the 5 moments for hand hygiene you are ready to audit..

At Medical Audits, we know clinical time is your most valuable commodity

Medical Audits intuitive technology will make carrying out the audit faster – Instead of having to spend hours after the audit preparing reports and working out results, our system does it automatically – as you audit , ensuring you get to make the best use of your here

Our TS+ will save you money - thousands per bed in reduced infections and outbreaks

Using TS+ will help you improve your hand hygiene compliance rates A minimum of 25% of infections are caused by poor hand hygiene compliance Improve hand hygiene – reduce infections, outbreaks and here

Medical Audits provides immediate access to results

We know from experience that you want your data available in real time. Therefore, as you audit, the data is analysed on the audit device and ready to share. You also have access to visually powerful charts on your own secure data here

We understand you need your data, your way

Once all the audits for a particular period are complete you can log on to the web based system using your own personal secure password and generate reports by ward, by month, by date, by staff group – for any date range – even a rolling year - The choice is yours. Our reporting suite gives you instant access to a whole range of visually powerful charts and here

Our TS+ makes auditing 5 Moments for Hand Hygiene so quick and easy even the smallest of care homes can monitor their own compliance


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Our technology system, TS + provides automated, immediate results of your hand hygiene audits –As you audit .. Click here to see how

“It is essential that a culture of hand hygiene practise is embedded in every service at all levels” (HIQA, 2009)