Veterinary Hospital Infection Control Audits

Professional Healthcare Audit and Advisory Services

Medical Audits have a team of experienced clinical and quality assurance staff with decades of experience in Infection Prevention and Quality Assurance.

We specialise in providing unbiased, professional and expert auditing services including :-

  • Veterinary Infection Prevention audits
  • Expert Infection prevention advice and consultancy
  • Veterinary cleaning standards audits
  • Compliance monitoring consultancy and advice
  • Infection prevention and control standards
  • Specialist Infection Prevention advice and consultancy
  • Royal College of Veterinary Surgery (RCVS) compliance
  • Professional assessment of cleaning standards
  • Professional report preparation

Veterinary Hospital Infection Control Training Services

Medical Audits provide Veterinary staff training on cleaning practices and hand hygiene as well as standard precautions to help reduce spread of infection. These include:

  • Hand Hygiene training programmes
  • Targeted Hand hygiene promotion days
  • Cleaning processes and cleaning training
  • Basic Infection prevention training sessions
  • Train the trainer programmes

Advantages of Medical Audits Veterinary Infection Prevention Services

Quality Assurance for Your own Veterinary Infection Control Audit Processes

Our independent audits can be used to complement your internal audits and inspections and provide unbiased, in-depth reporting on all aspects of facilities cleanliness and compliance with best practice Infection Control standards.

Identify Risks Relating to MDRO (Multi Drug Resistant Organisms) in Veterinary Hospitals

Our auditing and consultancy services will assist with identifying areas of risk in relation to spread of multi drug resistant organisms

We can advise on changes to practice to reduce and mitigate these IPC risks

Preparation of Local Cleaning SOPs

We can review your current Standard operating procedures or prepare SOPs from scratch.

We will review best practice standards and ensure your SOPs meets the current National guidelines and industry standards.

Designing local Veterinary Audit and Quality Assurance Programmes

We work with Cleaning contract companies and healthcare providers alike to assist them in benchmarking their standards and identifying areas for improvement and causes of deficiencies.

We provide advice and consultancy on how to best evidence compliance with best practice standards and guidelines relevant to your area of practice.

We can come on site and work with you to develop your own local auditing schedules and auditing tools and teach you how to evidence compliance with healthcare cleaning contracts and National cleaning standards.

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