Customer Videos

We've just started taking videos with a few of our customers - about their experience of using our software platform. The videos are with those people, on the ground that use the system day in day out and need to rely on it, so that you get a genuine feel of real successful continued utilisation.

Mary Aubrey
Interim Chief Nurse
Isle Of Wight NHS Trust
Customer Testimonial after 2.5 years of using Medical Audits software

"The implementation of Medical Audits across the trust has been exceptional"

"Really reliable, no technical problems"

"Staff and trust board find it really user friendly and easy to access results"

"Recommend other trusts to use Medical Audits - really improves patients outcomes"

"Medical Audits company have been tremendous in supporting the trust"

Karina Svarcaite
Compliance Manager, Assurance & Contracts
Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust
Customer Testimonial after 3 years of using Medical Audits software

"Enviromental Hygiene and Maintenance Audits - Exceeded all our expectations"

"Software is amazing, very user friendly"

"5 star service, the Medical Audits team very passionate about what they do and proud about their system"

"Expanded the system to our other NHS trusts"

"Any issues the team sort very quickly"

"We love working with Medical Audits"

Sally, Joanna, Ben and Rosena
Different roles, different hospitals

"We have been able to drive down C-DIFF and other infection rates"

"Staff can take ownership of the system and close out issues"

"Wondrously holistic system"

"Hugely positive experience over the last couple of years"

Diane Holland
Deputy Director of Infection Prevention and Control
Chesterfield Royal Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

"Track all actions taken following audits... provides assurance to our trust board and external bodies NHS England and CQC"

"Quality data assurance showing we're maintaining standards"

"Having reviewed everything on the market, I would definitely recommend Medical Audits to any IPC team and facilities management services team... Its fantastic"

Rachel Sorhaindo
Facilities Manager for Cleaning Services
Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

"We had some training on the Medical Audits System and it was absolutely fantastic."

"Really good software, quick and easy to use, and after just 1 hour session I found my supervisors flying."

Kelly Macartney
Compliance and Hospital Clinical Services Manager
Kingsbridge Private Hospital

"you can certainly use it to improve your quality of service"

"very easy to get the data into the system"

"extremely easy to get the data back out"

"i would recommend the system"

Robert Jubb
Head of Health and Safety & Security
Isle Of Wight NHS Trust

"We moved out of special measures and are now classified as good"

"Medical Audits helped prove to CQC... all contributed to getting to good"

Aneita McMaster
Patient Quality and Safety
Kingsbridge Private Hospital

"Seen a month on month improvement in audit results"

"Very positive for our organisation wide audit processes and quality improvement programme."

Joanna Peasland
Nurse Consultant/Deputy Director of IPC
Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS FT

"Staff can take ownership of the system and close out issues..."

"Support from Medical Audits extremely important"

"[Medical Audits] train staff one to one and their needs met... particularly as staff have different levels of ability"

"Improve practice..."

Rosena Hanniffy
Lead Infection Control Nurse
Coombe Women & Infants Hospital

"Hugely positive..."

"Improved compliance..."

"Usage increased steadily..."

"Evidence compliance for HIQA"

"Hugely positive experience over the last couple of years..."

Michelle Porter
Sister Out Patient Clinic
Isle Of Wight NHS Trust

"We've been using Medical Audits to help with our quality assurance"

"We've rolled it out into ENT fracture clinic and other OPD areas"

"Really helped with quality assurance improvements"

Sally Palmer
Nurse Consultant. Deputy Director IPC
Sherwood Forest Hospitals, NHS FT

"Using the Medical Audits system to help reduce our infection rates..."

"We have been able to be more pro-active in our audits"

"Check on more environmental issues..."

"We have been able to drive down C-DIFF and other infection rates..."

Ben Davis
Compliance Officer
Isle of Wight NHS Trust

"Revolutionised the way we audit..."

"Intuitive, easy to use, well laid out..."

"Wondrously holistic system..."

"Auditing has been standardised for you [removing inconsistency]..."

Grainne Mc Hale
Lead Infection Control Nurse
Mayo University Hospital

"Medical Audits System Is Very Effective..."

"HIQA - Producing Hygiene Reports Was Easy..."

"HIQA Commended MUH On Detailed Thorough Reports..."

"Great for doing hygiene reports..."

"Backup from medical audits is excellent..."

"We're delighted with it"

David Pont
Health & Safety, Fire and Security
Isle of Wight NHS Trust

"Everybody is finding it very simple to use"

"More people engaged to audit..."

"Understanding why we audit..."

Michele Devereux
Lead Infection Control Nurse
National Orthopaedic Hospital, Cappagh

"Very user friendly"

"More users auditing and very comfortable using the system"

"The comfort of auditing to national standards"

"I would recommend it..."

Mary Aubrey
Interim Chief Nurse and Quality Improvement Advisor to the CEO
Isle Of Wight NHS Trust

"Provide assurance for the trust board and CQC"

"The Medical Audits data has helped demonstrate to CQC that we have implemented the CQC standards"

"Helped us [move from special measures] to overall CQC rating of good"

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