Nurse Led Auditing and Quality Assurance Software

Design Your Own Audits

Our Hospital Audit and Quality Assurance Software delivers easy to use, completely configurable paperless audit tools.

Create your own audits to manage your hospitals auditing and ward accreditation the way you want to.

Nurse Led Auditing By Your Design

  • Completely configurable to meet your specific needs and the needs of your team
  • Create your own audits using our HAPI audit platform Hapi Icon
  • Or use our bank of pre-designed audits and the configure them to your requirements
  • Either way, you get standardised, consistent auditing across your hospital

Key Features of our Nursing Audit software

  • Easy to use audit platform to encourage participation
  • Web based data collection on mobile devices such as iPads, Smart phones, Laptops and Computers
  • Real-time data from across the wards, delivered directly to your Nursing Management team on digital dashboards
  • Live ward-based digital dashboards to promote ownership at ward level

Ruth Scott, Clinical Lead and Theater Manager
Kingsbridge Private Hospital Sligo

“We use it for achieving our international patient safety goals”

“So, we can have evidence that we’re complying with what we’re supposed to, with legislation”

One consistent audit programme providing assurance across your entire hospital

Real -time Data Enables prompt Intervention

  • Immediate access to audit results at your fingertips
  • Monitor and evidence compliance
  • Identify patterns, trends and areas for improvement

Consistent Data analysis and hospital-wide assurance

  • Measure KPIs and Patient Outcomes
  • RAG Tables and Chart by ward; division, speciality and hospital
  • Support change management and best practice initiatives
  • Export directly to excel for complete flexibility
Nursing Assurance Auditing

Release Time to Care

Save valuable Nursing time with our Nursing Audit software

  • Eliminate double data entry
  • Triple your auditing capacity, releasing time to care
  • Provide Immediate feedback at point of care

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Quality Assurance


Easy to use optimised user interface


Tripled audit capacity


Real time digital dashboards and reports


Ward digital dashboards


Immediate feedback


Action Plans

Medical Audits Design Audit

Evidence Compliance with our range of detailed care bundles and audit tools using Medical Audit's TS+

Medical Audits provide the complete package for Healthcare auditing and quality assurance

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