Irish Nursing & Midwifery Board Accredited Hand Hygiene Auditor Training

Observational Audit with Feedback is Most Effective at Improving Hand Hygiene Compliance (WHO, 2009)

  • Our Infection Prevention Team have developed a bespoke Hand Hygiene Auditor Training Programme to support Infection prevention and control in all areas of healthcare delivery.
  • Whether your team are Doctors, Nurses or other Healthcare professionals we can provide an informative, enjoyable and educational programme that will suit their needs.
  • All attendees will receive a certificate of competence in hand hygiene and hand hygiene auditing.
  • This NMBI approved programme has Continuous Professional Development (10 CPD) points.

Hand Hygiene Auditor Training – WHY?

  • Infection Prevention and Control teams are often tasked with providing training other staff to carry out hand hygiene audits.
  • This increases the number of audits that can be carried out and of course promotes involvement in audit processes.

Hand Hygiene Auditor Training – HOW?

  • To be successful the newly trained hand hygiene auditors must be CONFIDENT in their knowledge and understanding of the World Health Organisation (WHO) 5 moments for hand hygiene and they must be able to carry our hand hygiene auditing CONSISTENTLY.
  • Infection Prevention teams are already over-burdened with the day to day management of the IPC programme and the time required to plan and then deliver these programmes can be difficult to find if not impossible.
  • Finding the time to plan the programme and arranging the dates to deliver the training can be nearly impossible.

Hand Hygiene Auditor Training – WHEN?

  • We can take this burden off you, freeing you up to get on with the surveillance and follow up of infection.
  • We will develop a programme to suit your needs and then come on site and deliver the programme for you.
  • The course can be provided to all grades of healthcare worker with patient /client contact in acute, long term care facilities, mental health and learning disability facilities and PHN’s in the health care centres in the community areas.


  • The course will be structured so that the individual needs of each new Hand Hygiene Auditor can be met.
  • We ensure we provide specific examples of relevance to the audit area they will be working in.
  • Course content will be manipulated to ensure relevance and to suit the specific needs of the people attending the session.
  • Interactive props are used to assist learning, generate interest, understanding, promote questions and assist recall and memory.
  • A questionnaire will be completed by all attendees at the end of the course to facilitate recall of key points and an assessment completed to enable certification of attendees as hand hygiene auditors.

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Observational Audit with Feedback Is the Gold Standard in Improving Compliance (WHO, 2009)

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“It is essential that a culture of hand hygiene practise is embedded in every service at all levels” (HIQA, 2009)

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