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Our Audit software provides a full suite of audits for all healthcare settings.

The audit platform has been bespoke designed for mobile auditing with simple easy to use, touch screen technology.

All our audit tools are based on best practice standards and guidelines and are so easy to use.

Designed for use in all types of healthcare facilities, our audit software ensures efficient, paperless, mobile, data capture and will triple your audit capacity

Management of Linen

Linen Storage

Linen must be stored in designated linen storage areas- no other items can be stored with linen. The storage area must be clean and well maintained with no clutter, dust, etc. All surfaces must be clean and dust free

Linen Transport

Linen needs to be transported in covered containers and never mixed with dirty linen during transport Containers used to transport linen should be clean and well maintained.

With TS+ Linen audits, the management of linen can be audited and observational audit of staff practice handling linen monitored simply and efficiently as part of daily ward rounds or as part of a specific linen management audits

Handling of Linen

Healthcare workers should never carry linen in their arms, the linen skip should be brought to the bed/couch and linen placed directly into it when removed from the bed our couch

Soiled linen (that is, linen contaminated with blood or body fluid on it, or linen used on an infected patient ) should be placed into an alginate bag (water soluble bag) and then placed into a red linen bag for collection


Many healthcare facilities use external laundry services for their linen These facilities need to meet the same standards as laundries within the healthcare setting. They must be audited at least annually to ensure these standards are met

a clean environment is a key component of infection prevention programmes. keeping patients free from harm

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Essential Standards Of Quality And Safety

Audit standards meet the CQC & HIQA standards shown here as well as Infection Prevention & Control Standards

"Audit and feedback as part of a strategy for improving performance and supporting quality and safety in European health care systems"

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