Audit NHS cleaning standards and evidence compliance with National cleaning standards and NHS cleaning standards using Medical Audits Technology System

Medical Audits NHS cleaning standards audit tool has been developed to ensure you can evidence your compliance with regulation 12 of the Health and Social Care Act (2008). You can audit the NHS cleaning standards as laid out in the revised healthcare cleaning Manual (2012) and the NHS cleaning standards.

“Organisations need to demonstrate a robust audit process for identifying whether performance levels are being achieved as this is an essential part of providing assurance of the cleanliness of a hospital”. (PAS 5748)

Using Medical Audits hospital cleaning audit and quality assurance software you can:-

✔ Audit NHS cleaning standards 2012
✔Audit hospital Cleaning standards by room and by element
✔ Audit environmental hygiene in hospitals
✔ Ensure your organisation is auditing to NHS 2020 cleaning standards
✔ Record cleanliness of patient equipment
✔ Audit compliance with healthcare cleaning standards and give immediate feedback
✔ Produce reports and charts and dashboards in real time
✔ Evidence compliance with National cleaning standards

Cleaning Standards across England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland

Monitor cleaning standards and Audit effectiveness of Cleaning in England using TS+ cleaning audit software from Medical Audits

In the UK, the Association of Healthcare Cleaning Professionals (AHCP) have ownership of the revised healthcare cleaning manual since it was passed over to them in 2012. The care quality Commission audit compliance with NHS cleaning standards as part of their unannounced audits of healthcare settings in England. Medical Audits provide a cleaning audit and a range of complimentary audits to help you evidence compliance with all these standards, guidelines and regulations.

Use Medical Audits Healthcare Cleaning Audit Tool to Monitor Compliance with National hospitals office (NHO) Cleaning standards in Ireland

In Ireland, the National Hospitals office (NHO) produced a national cleaning manual in 2008 and this remains the National standard along with the Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA) Infection Prevention and Control Standards (2010).

The Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA) are in the process of reviewing new draft National standards for the prevention and control of Healthcare Associated Infections in acute healthcare services. These are expected to be launched in early 2017. HIQA carry out unannounced audits of hospital cleaning standards as part of their auditing of the National standards for the prevention and control of Healthcare Associated Infections in all healthcare settings in Ireland.

Use Medical Audits Hospital Cleaning Audit Tool to Monitor Compliance with NHS Cleaning Standards in Scotland

“Audit Scotland - A clean bill of health”, published in 2000 set the basis for cleaning, auditing and monitoring standards of hospital hygiene in NHS Scotland. This was followed by the NHS Quality Improvement Scotland (NHS QIS)/Clinical Standards Board for Scotland (CSBS) HAI Infection Control Standards (December 2001) and Cleaning Services Standards (June 2002); Medical Audits cleaning audit tool provides the ideal system for monitoring cleaning standards in NHS hospitals.

Use Medical Audits NHS Cleaning Audit Tool to Monitor Compliance with Cleaning Standards in NHS Wales

The National cleaning standards for Wales were published in 2003 and were followed in 2008 by the Welsh assembly national all Wales monitoring tool. Health Inspectorate Wales carry out audits of compliance across hospitals in Wales.

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Medical Audits TS+ systems comply with:

  • National Cleaning Standards for NHS England – NCS 2007 & 2020 NHS cleaning standards
  • The NHS Cleaning Manual: NPSA, 2009
  • Regional Healthcare Hygiene and Cleanliness Audit Tool. (NHS, NI, 2013)
  • Compliance and Quality Improvement Data Collection Tool for SICPs 2014
  • Infection Prevention Society (IPS) acute and non acute audit tool (2012)
  • ICNA audit tool standards (Infection Control Nurses Association, 1995)