Community Based Infection Prevention and Control Teams –Supported by TS+ Auditing Technology

Audit and Provide Results – On the Day of your Audit

Helping You Spend More Time In Patient Care Settings

Community Based Infection Prevention and Control Nurses have many challenges – Not least of which is just physically getting around to all the different healthcare centres, care homes and areas under their remit

The audits required to ensure practice is based on up to date standards are an essential component of the role. However, getting the time to not only audit but then to, input the data, compile the results and return to give feedback can be difficult.

TS+ Auditing Technology System provides a suite of audits that ensure you can not only carry out the audit faster, but you can actually provide the results, there and then as you audit.

Whether its Auditing Hand hygiene compliance with 5 Moments, Hand Hygiene Technique, Bare below Elbow, auditing compliance with Urinary Catheter usage or monitoring environmental hygiene and cleaning standards, our audit software makes the audit easy to carry out and provides visually powerful results and charts – literally as you audit.

We have a range of community based audit tools, specifically designed for auditing in the community and in primary care settings.

More Audits for Community Care

Meeting the Gold Standard of Audit with Feedback, Helping Staff Understand the improvements required and Saving your Valuable Time.


Medical Audits Technology System for hand hygiene provides automated correlation of audit results – making audit with immediate feedback achievable

“It is essential that a culture of hand hygiene practise is embedded in every service at all levels” (HIQA, 2009)