Our Infection Control Audit Tools put Your Resources to Better Use

More time in the clinical area

Our customers have proven benefits and demonstrable savings. A few are:

Tripled Auditing Capacity
CAUTI rates reduced from 13.3% to 2.2%
C Difficile acquisition rates reduced by 50%
Equipment Cleanliness up from 75% to 95%

TS+ provides the information you need for targeted training, feedback, monthly reports, board reports and Accreditation while your staff get on with the business of improving practice and reducing HCAI.

You get to utilise your most valuable resource where it counts most- in the Clinical area, auditing and identifying risks, targeting education and training where it is needed most.

Reduced infections will save you bed days – better use of your valuable resources

You get everything you used to do manually... YES ..All the Data you need is collected ... BUT, it is also recorded and formatted automatically, ready for you to upload to HPSC/HPA/HPS or other government bodies.

And our technology system correlates the data, provides immediate summary reports in real time and provides a suite of reports, already pre designed for you to run at the touch of a screen.

This ensures when you audit, you can have immediate access to the results, in the ward, at your finger tips and allows for INSTANT FEEDBACK of MEANINGFUL DATA. Proven to improve staff compliance rates... permanently.

latest computer tablets and software design to provide you with the technology to change the way you carry out clinical audits – forever.

You can also analyse the data collected, helping you determine what staff groups need education and what ‘moment of hand hygiene’ or care action needs further explanations.


The time spent by experienced specialist nurses in the clinical area, at the point of care, auditing practice, identifying care issues and educating staff is priceless

“It is essential that a culture of hand hygiene practise is embedded in every service at all levels” (HIQA, 2009)

Sherwood Forest Hospitals
Mercy University Hospital
Mater Private Hospital Dublic
Guy and St Thomas
Cappagh National Orthopaedic Hospital
Becton Dickinson and Company
Mansfield teaching hospital
Eccles Clinic
Birmingham Community Hospital
Royal College Of Surgeons In Ireland RCSI
Noonan Facilities Services And Solutions
Chesterfield Royal Hospital
Irish Society Of Hearing Aid Audiologists
Coombe Woment & Infants University Hospital
The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre
Cannon Hygiene
Central Nottinghamshire Hospitals plc
Mater Private Cork
Sligo University Hospital
NUI Galway OE Gaillimh
Apleona HSG Facility Management
Servizi Malta