Hospitals: Acute Hospital and Ward based reporting made easy with TS+

Hand hygiene audits mandatory for all healthcare settings

At Medical Audits we know how time consuming generating reports can be - that's why we have designed a technology system that translates your taps on the audit device into real time results as you audit

TS+ provides the facility to run any report:

Hours of staff time saved

Hospital Group and Trust based reporting is also made easy with TS+

In order to achieve a real culture of hand hygiene compliance, senior management right up to board level, need to be engaged and active in relation to hand hygiene. Our technology system will help you provide them with stunning charts and reports – for the overall hospital group/Trust – Broken down by hospital, by staff group, by moment, or by specific division if needed.

Hours of Senior management time saved

Medical Audits Technology System provides a paper free auditing experience – generating results as you audit ––storing your data safely – Providing real data analysis- Helping you improve practice

Our technology system, TS + provides automated, immediate results of your hand hygiene audits –As you audit .. Click here to see how


Auditing of the 5 moments of hand hygiene with immediate feedback to healthcare staff is the world health organisation gold standard for improving compliance.

Stunning easy to use Mobile auditing technology