Medical Audits - Supporting Wales’ in Achieving it’s 1000 Lives Plus Improvement Programme

Supporting Welsh 1000 Lives Plus - Quality Care for All

NHS Wales

The publically funded National Health Service of Wales is NHS Wales and is responsible for providing safe good healthcare to all of their 3 million people.

Their key principle is that ‘good healthcare should be available to all, regardless of wealth’.

Health Boards

Welsh Infection Prevention

Welsh Healthcare Associated Infection Programme (WHAIP) produced a number of key Infection prevention and control documents in 2014. These included National Model Policies for Infection Prevention and Control which lays out the Standard Infection Control Precautions (SICPs) and Transmission based precautions

All health care organisations in the UK are required to comply with national statutory or Regulatory standards for infection prevention and control.

In England and Wales, the Health and Social Care Act, 2008 introduced a statutory requirement for the management of infection prevention and control. This lead to the Code of Practice (DH, 2010).

Medical Audits TS+ auditing system assists with internal audits by ensuring all the relevant standards are included in our auditing systems. Our systems help identify elements that need to be targeted and improved to ensure all Healthcare providers in Wales can meet the 1000 Lives Plus outcome measures.

1000 Lives Plus Improvement Initiative is a whole of Wales campaign to improve patient care.

The Welsh approach targets all healthcare associated infections and not solely on MRSA and Clostridioides difficile (formally known as Clostridium difficile).

The key outcome measure in the campaign is the overall HCAI rate.

The interventions have 3 main approaches:

Auditing Care Bundles – Management of Invasive devices

TS+ Intravenous device care bundles are EPIC 3 compliant and designed to ensure you can monitor practice in a standardised way.

Feedback of results is instant – on the auditing devices, on real time digital dashboards and via our web based management and reporting system.

Medical Audits TS+ ensures you can evidence compliance with Wales’ IV device care bundles and urinary catheter care bundles (High impact interventions) and provide safe and effective use of invasive devices, such as peripheral venous catheters (PVCs) central venous catheters (CVCs) and Urinary Catheters.

Auditing Hand Hygiene

Medical audits TS+ hand hygiene auditing system provides touch screen mobile auditing solution for observation audit of the 5 Moments for hand hygiene.

The system supports the WHO 5 moments concept as well as bare below elbow and technique monitoring.

Supporting Wales’ ‘Clean your hands’ campaign and implementation of the WHO multi model strategy.

Environmental Auditing System

Medical Audits TS+ environmental audits include all the standards for monitoring compliance with the Health and Social Care Act, 2008. Our auditing system includes measurement and audit of all relevant outcomes

This includes auditing systems for Linen, Waste, Sharps, Patient equipment, environmental hygiene, cleaning standards, Isolation precautions and so much more.

All our systems are designed and developed specifically for mobile healthcare auditing – This is our specialist field and we have years of clinical experience that ensures we provide systems that meet the unique needs of healthcare.

Results are available on the auditing devices for immediate feedback.

Digital dashboards and specifically designed reports provide analysis to enable targeting of training and resources.

Medical Audits supply a range of the audits and care bundles that are based on the highest standards of care and the most up to date research – Helping you ensure your teams provide the highest quality care and providing you with the evidence for quality assurance.

Related Auditing Systems from Medical Audits

Our auditing system ensures a full cycle for identifying issues, highlighting areas for improvement, tracking and tracing actions taken and improving systems and processes.

Healthcare Associated Infections - A Strategy For Hospital In Wales

Medical Audits auditing system supports compliance with Welsh Standard Infection Control Precautions (SICPs), 2014 and the Wales 1000 Lives Plus Campaign.