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Hand hygiene – proven to reduce risks of HCAI

According to the World Health Organisation, up to 10% of patients acquire an infection in our hospitals and healthcare facilities.
The team at Medical Audits understand that sometimes you need the research and written proof to demonstrate that changes you wish to make are evidence based. We have correlated research papers from numerous sources and have grouped them according to topic for your convenience

Research Papers

Research papers are divided into categories for easy searching

Hand hygiene is recognised as the single most effective measure in reducing HCAI

Our Technology System TS+ is based on the WHO 5 moments conceptual framework for hand hygiene and supports the multi modal strategy for improving hand hygiene compliance

Our Technology System helps you audit, feedback, train and report; reducing healthcare associated infections, improving compliance and saving substantial time & costs

Medical Audits Technology System for hand hygiene provides automated correlation of audit results – making audit with immediate feedback achievable and so easy

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