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The specialist Infection Prevention resources are exclusively available to Medical Audits customers only

Infection Prevention and Control Training and Educational Resources

At Medical Audits we know how difficult it can be to get the time to prepare education sessions for all the different types of staff groups.

We also know that if you can design your training to the specific needs of the group you are educating and provide them with relevant examples, it makes learning easier.

We have prepared sessions for you to down load and use for numerous different staff groups and covering numerous topics such as standard precautions, hand hygiene, basic induction training, management of infection prevention during building works and many more.

We have also prepared posters, quizzes, information leaflets and lots of extra training materials for teaching your staff about hand hygiene, care bundles and IPC best practice

All the resources can be accessed by Medical Audits Customers from the links below

Training and Education Resources

Information leaflets – staff and patients

Education & Training Sessions

Training resources for hand hygiene and hand hygiene auditing

Posters & Questionnaires

Detection of hand hygiene compliance by a validated observer (direct observation) is currently considered the gold standard in hand hygiene compliance monitoring. (WHO 2009)

( Above image taken from WHO hand hygiene guidelines 2009 with thanks )

Recognising the need for a standardised approach to hand hygiene and hand hygiene audits, the WHO launched a user centered concept for recognising when hand hygiene should be done - The '5 moments of hand hygiene.'

Using this same concept, audit, training and education can be carried out in a consistent, logical manner.

Clean care is safe care

  • Hand hygiene audits promote clean care.
  • Improving hand hygiene compliance by 10% can reduce Healthcare Assocated Infections by 25%
  • Save £130,000 by improving hand hygiene compliance rates by as little as 10%