Infection Prevention Audit Software Developed for Qatar

Infection Prevention auditing software

Medical Audits are committed to assisting hospitals in Qatar to provide the highest quality, evidence based, patient care.

Infection Prevention and Control in Qatar

The Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) in Qatar have just launched Qatar's National Health Strategy 2018-2022.

The strategy 'Our Health is our Future' is designed to improve the health of the people of Qatar.

The aims of the strategy are to improve health, and provide better healthcare and better value for all.

The Healthcare Quality and Patient Safety Division of the MoPH the the quality initiative in Qatar.

Among their goals is the promotion of the 'development and use of health information technology as a major source behind improving the quality of health care provided'.

We have designed software that combines an effective auditing solution with a quality assurance system so you can evidence compliance to support your Quality Program and Joint Commission International (JCI) Accreditation.

Our Clinical Audit and Quality Assurance Software Platform has been developed to enable auditing of Gulf Cooperation Council Infection Prevention Manual (GCC-CIC, 2013), Joint Commission International (JCI) Accreditation standards (JCI 6th Edition, 2017) and includes:

Features of our Audit Software for Qatar

  • Complete paperless auditing system
  • Clinical Audit software systems
  • Infection Control Audit software
  • Mobile auditing and reporting systems
  • Real-time digital dashboards
  • Web based management and reporting system
  • Data analysis and targeted training processes
  • Inter-rater reliability testing
  • Export directly to excel and pdf
  • Accessed via smart phones, tablets and laptops etc.
  • Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer 9 upwards and Microsoft Edge compatible
  • Requires only intermittent Wi-Fi access

Benefits of our Audit Software for Qatar

  • Eliminate double data entry
  • Measure KPIs and Patient Outcomes
  • Monitor and evidence compliance
  • Triple your auditing capacity, releases time to care
  • Support change management and best practice initiatives
  • Complete mobile auditing and reporting at the bedside
  • Provide Immediate feedback at point of care
  • Proven HCAI reduction in healthcare facilities in Ireland and the UK
  • Powerful educational tool for point of care training
  • Support bed side learning and education

We have a wide range of software for auditing in hospitals and out-patient clinics across Qatar. Our systems are designed to audit compliance with

Environmental Auditing

Hygiene Auditing Software systems

  • Infection Control audit tools for auditing the patient environment.
  • Monitoring software for auditing the safety, quality and standard of the patient care environment.
  • Paperless patient environment audit software for hospitals, care homes, disability services and long term care settings

HCAI Surveillance Software Systems

  • Monitor compliance with World Health Organisation 5 Moments for Hand Hygiene
  • Detailed WHO 5 Moments audit tool
  • Bare Below Elbow auditing software
  • Monitor hand washing with our hand hygiene technique auditing software
  • Asssess hand hygiene compliance at the point of care hand washing using our mobile hand hygiene auditing software
Care Bundle

Care Bundle Auditing Software systems

  • Infection Control audit tools for auditing care bundle compliance
  • Monitoring software for auditing Invasive device management.
  • Paperless audit software for checking compliance with care bundles
  • Saving lives care bundle audit tools
  • High impact audit software

HCAI Surveillance Software Systems

  • Monitor patient outcomes
  • Track and measure Healthcare Associated Infections (HCAI) with bespoke surveillance software
  • MultiDrug Resistant Organisms (MDRO) audit systems
  • Surgical Site Infection surveillance software
  • CAUTI surveillance systems
  • Blood Stream Infection (BSI) Surveillance software
Training And Education

Training and Education Software System

  • Infection Control standards embedded in every audit and qaulity assurance system to ensure standardised care and standardised hospital auditing.
  • Powerful infection preveniton training tools
  • Health and safety education tools for point of care training.
  • Always up to date with best practice standards.
Centralised Non Compliance

Robust software platform

  • Security meets UK and Irish hospital guidance
  • Easy to use optimised user interface
  • Ward digital dashboards
  • Triple your audit capacity
  • Action Plans
  • Over 75 Audit systems available

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