Infection Control Software Systems Developed for United Arab Emirates (UAE)

More time in the clinical area

Medical Audits Hospital Audit and Quality Assurance Software delivers easy to use, evidence based paperless audit tools to standardise hospital auditing practices.

Clinical Audit Software for United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Our team of clinical staff have an in-depth knowledge of Infection Prevention and Patient Safety strategies and this is evident in the quality of the audit content.

Each audit tool has been carefully designed to meet the needs of healthcare professionals while our audit platform has been developed to ensure efficient, easy to use, mobile, paperless auditing you can always rely on.

Infection Prevention Audit Tools United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Our range of over 70 different audit tools have been designed to meet the needs of acute hospitals, out-patient services, clinics and residential care in Europe, the Middle East and across Ireland and the British isles.

We have a specialist knowledge of the Middle East and can provide onsite implementation of our systems across Dubai and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Health Authority –Abu Dhabi (Haad)

The Government of UAE fully support the health sector – In fact providing world-class healthcare is one of the six pillars of the UAE National Agenda in line with Vision 2021.

Infection Prevention and Control is overseen by the Health Authority –Abu Dhabi (Haad) who have stated that Infection Prevention is integral to the management of healthcare facilities 'It is mandatory to have an infection control plan and policies, procedures and guidelines in each healthcare facility'. (HAAD, 2017).

The government strategy to provide better healthcare services has seen the opening of healthcare cities in UAE to ease access to health facilities and make healthcare accessible to all.

These health cities are complexes with many specialist clinics. Presently, there are three healthcare cities in the UAE. They are:

  • Sheikh Khalifa Medical City
  • Dubai Healthcare City
  • Sharjah Healthcare City

Infection prevention software – Evidence based auditing

Our Clinical Audit and Quality Assurance Software Platform has been developed to enable auditing of Gulf Cooperation Council Infection Prevention Manual (GCC-CIC, 2013), Joint Commission International (JCI) Accreditation standards (JCI 6th Edition, 2017) European Centre for Disease Control standards.

These Infection Prevention audits:

✔ Support staff at local level in auditing their own departments – increasing end user involvement in audit processes
✔ Provide the ideal audit tools for Management walkabout audits
✔ Provide audit tools for local technical audits
✔ Infection prevention and Control oversight audit tools
✔ Provide individual, easy to use, standardised audit software Including:

  • Hospital Linen audit tools
  • Healthcare Waste audit tools
  • Patient equipment audit tools
  • Sharps audit tools
  • Environmental hygiene audit tools
  • World health Organisation Hand hygiene 5 moments audit software

We work in partnership with healthcare providers, healthcare auditors and hospital cleaning contract companies, continuously designing and developing bespoke audit software to meet their auditing and commissioning needs.

Amazing Features and Functionality as Standard

✔ Flexible, auditing software to meet all your hospital auditing needs
✔ Mobile auditing software for hospitals and the community
✔ Real-time digital dashboards
✔ Web-based reporting system
✔ RAG charts and tables in real time
✔ Trend analysis
✔ Embedded training and education tools
✔ Photo and note functionality
✔ Tracking of issues raised during audit
✔ Embedded action plans
✔ Worklist generation and export
✔ Features and Functionality as Standard

Medical Audits Healthcare Audit Software Product Range includes

✔ Huge range of Clinical Audit software for Nursing and Medical staff
✔ Infection prevention and control audit software
✔ Surveillance software for monitoring Healthcare Associated Infections (HCAI)
✔ Hand hygiene auditing software
✔ National cleaning standards audit software
✔ Patient safety audit software including falls audit tools, pressure ulcer audit tools and more
✔ Cleaning Standards auditing software for hospitals
✔ Estates and facilities auditing software
✔ Environmental hygiene audit software
✔ Health and safety auditing software
✔ Software for auditing linen, waste, sharps, patient equipment and so much more
✔ Bespoke audit software development

Contact Us - We know every moment counts ... and we are committed to making sure no moment is a wasted opportunity to teach, learn and ultimately improve practice and prevent patient harm.

The time spent by experienced specialist nurses in the clinical area, at the point of care, auditing practice, identifying care issues and educating staff is priceless

“It is essential that a culture of hand hygiene practise is embedded in every service at all levels” (HIQA, 2009)