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Ensuring Safer More Effective Care – Today and Every day

Auditing the Care we provide and the Environment we care for patients in is essential to ensure safe effective care for patients

At Medical Audits we understand the time pressures that staff are under and we know you need to audit .. thats why we have designed a range of audit tools and care bundles that not only provide you with up to date standards to audit against, we also provide a system that gives you immediate access to your audit results on the audit device and on our web based system and removes the need for double data entry.. Our audit tools release time to care for front line staff and ensure complete oversight and governance for senior managers.

Healthcare facilities, regardless of the type of patients they care for, are subject to licensing, accreditation and best practice standards.

Medical Audits supply a range of audits and care bundles that are based on the highest standards of care and the most up to date research – Helping you ensure your teams provide the highest quality care and providing you with the evidence for quality assurance.

What is Clinical Audit

Clinical Audit can be defined as the assessment, evaluation and improving the care of patients in a systematic way. Setting of standards, measurement of practice compared to the ‘gold standard’ identification of deficiencies and addressing deficiencies (closing the loop) is an accepted model of clinical audit. (Medical Council 2006)The purpose of Healthcare Audit and Clinical Audit is to identify areas that require improvement.

What is Healthcare Audit

The assessment of performance against any standard in a healthcare organisation. These standards include clinical and non clinical standards.

How do we carry out Audit?

You need to audit by comparing current practice to the current standards and guidelines in place.

This way you are comparing your clinical practice with evidence based best practice to enable you to identify areas where you need to implement change and improve care.

Healthcare Audit Process

All healthcare professionals want to deliver the highest standards of care to their patients/clients and to do so in a clean safe environment.

It is therefore very important to involve all staff at all grades in the auditing process.

All departments where care is provided should have an annual audit programme in place, based on the highest risks and the highest volumes.

The Key Performance indicators for departments are often the main focus of the clinical audit programme.

Medical Audits Provide the Audit Tools

Medical Audits provide a range of audit tools to support healthcare workers to audit both clinical practice and healthcare facilities.

Our audit tools are all based on the most up to date standards and guidelines and our reports and data analysis provide you with the information to target practice changes and resources where they are needed.

target areas for quality improvement interventions

The purpose of clinical audit and healthcare audit is to improve the standard and quaity of care for patients.

Therefore completing the audit is not the goal. The goal is identifying areas for improvement and instigating changes that will improve the quality of the service provided.

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Audit results correlated as you audit Complies with international best practice standards