COVID-19 training for Schools & Colleges

COVID-19 training for Schools & Colleges

Our training programmes for COVID-19 (Corona virus) has been developed by our experienced Infection Prevention Professionals to help reassure teachers and lecturers as they return to work during the Corona virus pandemic.

Our COVID 19 training for teachers is accessed via our online web portal where a range of PowerPoint videos, COVID-19 training sessions and evaluations are delivered by our in-house Infection prevention experts to your employees.

COVID-19 training for teachers

We have developed a specific programme of Corona virus training for teachers in schools and colleges to help protect students and teachers from COVID 19 infection.

Packed with lots of evidence based tips to reduce spread of corona virus in the education sector the COVID-19 working during a pandemic programme is ideal for employees in schools and colleges of all sizes.

Corona Virus – Facts

Corona viruses are the most common cause of ‘colds’. Some can cause serious respiratory infections like pneumonias and some like SARS (Severe acute respiratory syndrome) cause outbreaks of serious like threatening infections.

This corona virus – COVID-19 causes symptoms that range from mild headache to loss of taste and smell, from a dry cough to severe breathlessness and bilateral pneumonias.

We know that COVID-19 affects the oldest and those with other severe diseases most severely but it can affect anyone.

Simple measures like maintaining social distances, cleaning our hands and high touch surfaces and covering our mouth and nose can prevent spread.

Other COVID-19 training programmes

Quality Assurance Saving Lives Hygiene Audit.

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