Medical Audits Supports the Implementation of a Maternity Early Warning Score as part of Effective Sepsis Recognition and Management

Medical Audits Maternity Early Warning Score (MEWS) Audit Tool

Early Warning Scores assist healthcare professionals in recognising the deterioration of a patient by categorising the severity of illness, thus prompting nursing staff to request a medical review at specific colour trigger points.

Medical Audits, MEWS audit tool has been bespoke designed to assist the implementation and ongoing audit of the consistent use of Maternity Early Warning Scores and the actions taken when a trigger is recognised.

Medical Audits TS+ Sepsis bundles simplify the complex processes involved in Identifying Sepsis and enable standardised Sepsis management. Each of our bundles are designed to audit practice in relation to the key elements of sepsis management with a range of care bundles and audits to support the implementation of best practice guidelines.

Our Sepsis Management bundle includes audits and training resources for Sepsis Management

Implementing Sepsis screening programmes is now a national patient safety initiative. Medical Audits Sepsis Management audits are designed by healthcare experts with years of experience in implementing change and driving improvement strategies.

We know how challenging this can be and so we have designed a suite of audits, backed up with training and education resources, to empower staff in the clinical area.

Maternity Early Warning Score (MEWS)

The Management of SEPSIS and the screening for SEPSIS has become a worldwide target for Infection Prevention and Patient Safety in Healthcare and in the community.

Critical illness is an uncommon complication of pregnancy. However it can have devastating effects and is the leading cause of maternal death in the UK.

Early detection, timeliness and competency of clinical response are recognised as the main determinants of clinical outcome in people with acute illness (RCP, 2012)

This audit aims to support implementation of Maternity EWS by providing a standardised method of collecting and analysing data while also providing an education tool to assist with embedding these best practice standards into daily use in clinical practice. Similar to NEWS, the audit is specifically for measuring compliance with MEWS in pregnancy and up to 42 days in the postnatal period.

DEFINITION: Maternity Early Warning Score

Early Warning Systems facilitate early detection of deterioration by categorising a patient’s severity of illness and prompting nursing staff to request a medical review at specific trigger points utilising a structured communication tool while following a definitive escalation plan (HSE, 2014).

By agreeing a National Early Warning System (NEWS), countries can standardise the assessment of acute illness severity, thus enabling a more timely response but also ensuring a common tool across acute hospitals nationally.

Medical Audits Technology Systems enable and support your implementation to best practice guidelines and standards

✔ The Surviving Sepsis Campaign, International Guidelines for Management of Sepsis and Septic Shock: 2016
✔ The 3rd International Sepsis Consensus definitions for Sepsis and Septic Shock (JAMA 2016)
✔ National Clinical Guideline Number 6: Sepsis Management (HSE 2015)
✔ NICE guidelines on the recognition, diagnosis and management of severe sepsis 2016

*NICE guidance for sepsis are in development and will include the recognition, diagnosis and management of severe sepsis. Once issued, our systems will be updated to comply with any new recommendations

As with all Medical Audits’ systems, the data is available in real time on the audit devices AND on up to the minute digital dashboards, providing staff with feedback as soon as the audit is completed.


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Maternity Early Warning Score

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Multi-disciplinary involvement in SEPSIS recognition and management Essential to saving lives from SEPSIS.

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Sepsis Management - National Clinical Guideline No.6

Medical Audits TS+ is Bespoke developed to help you implement and audit best practice guidelines

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Medical Audit’s Technology System helps you monitor practice and train staff, ensuring Early Recognition of Sepsis and prompt Antimicrobial treatment.

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