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Hand Hygiene - The Basics

Hand Hygiene is recognised internationally as the single most important preventative measure in the transmission of HCAIs. It is essential that a culture of hand hygiene practise is embedded in every service at all levels. (HIQA, National standards for the prevention of HCAIs, 2009)

Our technology system supports the WHO 5 Moments for Hand Hygiene concept... same data fields, same information – using touch technology to ensure user friendly, uncluttered screens and then processes various data to provide relevant reports and feedback.

Medical Audits intuitive technology will make carrying out the audit faster – no pens and paper or printing off pages of audit sheets. No hours spent inputting data and creating reports at your desk -Just pick up the Audit device and you are ready to go... Our Technology System converts your touch on the tablet into immediately accessible results- saving you hours of valuable nurses’ time per month – Time that can be spent auditing, educating, improving practice and aiding Accreditation compliance

We know from experience that you want your data available in real time .. Therefore, as you audit, the data is analysed on the tablet and ready to share –you also have access to visually powerful charts on your own secure data base....

Once all the audits for a particular period are complete you can log on to the website using your own personal secure password and generate reports by ward, by month, by date, by staff group – The choice is yours. Our reporting suite gives you instant access to a whole range of visually powerful charts and graphs ...

Medical Audits Reporting Suite

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Detection of hand hygiene compliance by a validated observer (direct observation) is currently considered the gold standard in hand hygiene compliance monitoring. (WHO 2009)

( Above image taken from WHO hand hygiene guidelines 2009 with thanks )

Recognising the need for a standardised approach to hand hygiene and hand hygiene audits, the WHO launched a user centered concept for recognising when hand hygiene should be done - The '5 moments of hand hygiene.'

Using this same concept, audit, training and education can be carried out in a consistent, logical manner.

Clean care is safe care

  • Hand hygiene audits promote clean care.
  • Improving hand hygiene compliance by 10% can reduce Healthcare Assocated Infections by 25%
  • Reducing infections, preventing outbreaks and saving lives.

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