At Medical Audits, We Design and Develop the Best Bespoke Audit and Quality Assurance Software for Healthcare

Specialist Infection Prevention Auditing Solutions

Our software systems are proven to support clinical practice, improve patient outcomes and evidence compliance with standards (just ask any of our customers).

If you are committed to providing Safe, Evidence Based, Patient Care and need software that combines provision of efficient, effective auditing with a quality assurance system to evidence compliance, then look no further.

Our Quality Assurance Software Platform includes :-

Environmental AuditingEnvironmental Auditing Software systems to monitor the safety, quality and standard of the patient care environment.

Care BundleCare Bundle Auditing Software systems to monitor and measure the standard of care provided.

HCAIHCAI Surveillance Systems to track and measure Healthcare Associated Infections (HCAI) and Multi Drug Resistant Organisms (MDRO).

Patient SafetyPatient Safety Software Systems to monitor patient outcomes and help prevent patient harm.

Training And EducationTraining and Education Software embedded in every system to ensure standardised care and standardised auditing.

Centralised Non ComplianceCentralised Non Compliance Tracking system to monitoring and track non-compliances right through to closure - completing the audit and quality assurance loop.

Contact Us- We know every moment counts ... and we are committed to making sure no moment is a wasted opportunity to teach, learn and ultimately improve practice and prevent patient harm.

GOLD STANDARD - Audit with feedback

Health Care Worker Auditing

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