Reports & Digital Dashboards generated as you audit

Accurate Data at the touch of a screen

  • TS+ provides mobile auditing technology making observational audit easy and efficient
  • Results are generated on the device as you audit, putting the results at your finger tips without leaving the clinical area
  • Innovative technology system for auditing compliance
  • Computerises the current paper based auditing system
  • Records the data collected during audits in the clinical area.

  • Simultaneously upload the data, correlate the results and provide reports and feedback.
  • Instant access to data
  • No transcription of paper based data
  • Our Visually powerful graphs and charts assist your staff in understanding their compliance rates

  • Automating this process will increase efficiency
  • Our Auditing System increases your auditing capacity with no increase in staff
  • Meets the new EPIC 3 recommendations
  • The reports provided by our software will ensure accurate visually powerful data and charts to assist with training, education and feedback.

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