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Proven Savings – Hand Hygiene Audit Tool

Comply With National Standards

  • Meets the Care Quality Commission (CQC) Recommendations
  • Ensures compliance with Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA)
  • Complies with Scotland's Standard Infection Prevention and Control (SIPCs) requirements
  • Complies with EPIC 3
  • Meets requirements of the England and Wales 'clean your hands' campaign

Reduced Infection Rates

  • The recent point prevalence survey of HCAIs in European countries estimated that 5.2% of patients in Ireland and 6.5% of patients in England acquire an infection in hospital - we owe it to our patients to do everything in our power to reduce HCAIs
  • Improving hand hygiene compliance has a major impact on Healthcare associated infections
  • Care bundles are proven by research to reduce risks and improve outcomes for patients

Real Time Education And Training

  • You observe practice and TS+ provides the results of your audit. You can then give feedback and education based on up to date results
  • TS+ facilitates immediate feedback. Results can be accessed on the audit device and detailed feedback given before you leave
  • Facilitates WHO gold standard - audit with immediate feedback
  • Our suite of reports provides you with accurate data, at a touch
  • You can access results immediately on the audit device and on the web based management and reporting system

Proven Savings Using Our Hospital Audit Tools

  • Double your auditing capacity with no increase in staff
  • Data correlated as you audit
  • Available to disseminate at the touch of a screen
  • Target your training where it is needed.
  • No transcribing from paper based tools to excel files and reports

Improved Compliance

  • The recognised gold standard for improving compliance is Audit with immediate relevant feedback - Medical Audits provides the technology - you provide the feedback
  • Provide education with feedback - at the bedside
  • Assist your staff in understanding their compliance rates with our visually powerful graphs and charts
  • Standardise Auditing with Audit information at your Finger Tips

GOLD STANDARD - Audit with feedback

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