ANTIBIOTIC SURVEILLANCE, Core Elements of Antimicrobial Stewardship Programmes (CDC, 2015)

START SMART, then FOCUS Audit Bundles help you ensure safe antibiotic prescribing

Medical Audits Supports the Implementation of the Core Elements of Hospital Antibiotic Stewardship Programmes


Dedicating necessary staff, financial and information technology resources is essential in order to ensure antimicrobial stewardship programmes can be implemented and embedded into prescribing practice.

Medical Audits TS+ Antimicrobial Stewardship bundle provides the technology to implement Antibiotic Stewardship Programmes


Appointing an individual staff member responsible for program outcomes and with overall responsibility for implementing the Antimicrobial stewardship programme has been shown to be most effective.

Medical Audits TS+ Antimicrobial Stewardship bundle enables both Trust and Individual accountability with real time tracking of non compliances


Appointing a single pharmacist leader responsible for working to improve antibiotic use.

Using Medical Audits TS+ Start Smart Audit Tool will provide real data on prescribing practice to assist with targeting actions to improve antibiotic use


Implementing at least one recommended action, such as “antibiotic time out” or “Focus” after 48 hours

Medical Audits Antibiotic Focus audit tool ensures standardised practices across your organisation helping you monitor compliance with antibiotic time out and Focus to ensure the correct antibiotic for the correct patient consistently.


Monitoring antibiotic prescribing and resistance patterns

Medical Audits provide a suite of audit tools designed for mobile auditing that enable monitoring of compliance with prescribing practice and provision of immediate feedback in the clinical area


Regular reporting information on antibiotic use and resistance to doctors, nurses and relevant staff

With TS+ Start Smart and Focus and Antibiotic Surveillance systems you can report usage information in real time – during the auditing process


Educating clinicians about resistance and optimal prescribing

Using our Mobile, data capture system to collect prescribing practice data and to provide detailed feedback to Clinicians on prescribing practices

Medical Audits Supports the Implementation of Antibiotic Stewardship Programmes

Using Medical Audits TS+ auditing system for antimicrobial stewardship will help you monitor compliance with your antibiotic prescribing policy and evidence compliance for clinical governance assurance

As with all Medical Audits’ systems, the data is available in real time on the audit devices AND on up to the minute digital dashboards, providing staff with feedback as soon as the audit is completed.

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Antimicrobial Stewardship

Medical Audits TS+ antimicrobial monitoring and surveillance system applies lean auditing processes that save hours of time and make the actual audit process itself faster and more efficient

Antibiotic Guardian

Immediate access to data means immediate interventions can be made immediately to ensure patients receive safe effective care

Patients who are unnecessarily exposed to antibiotics are placed at risk for serious adverse events with no clinical benefit’ CDC, 2015.

Surveillance of prescribing practice and antibiotic usage are an essential components of stewardship programmes.

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