Save money with Medical Audits

Staff Savings

Save on Staff Costs

A specialist Nurse grade costs about €30.00/£25 per hour - An average hospital hand hygiene audit (150 opportunities) takes 10 hours to complete.

Thats just the audit.. The paper work (typing everything into excel files, reviewing data, generating reports by ward or by staff group) takes almost the same length of time again. In fact the minimum time to complete the required data set and create the reports and charts and graphs needed for feedback by ward, department and staff group is 12 hours.

Then you have the quarterly reports to prepare... correlating everything to show trends (hopefully upwards - Another 8 hours (4 times per year)

Imagine if you could halve the time it takes to get everything done...

The savings in your most scarce resource - Qualified experienced staff would be 12 hours per month - 12 hours that could be spent in the Clinical area, educating, auditing, supporting staff and improving practice across all areas of Infection Prevention and Control - Not just Hand Hygiene.

Use your Staff Resources more efficiently - Utilise your specialist Nurses to do the audits, using their time in the clinical area to educate and provide immediate relevant feedback.

The Medical Audits technology system will do the rest.. saving you real resources for where they can make a difference.. in the CLINICAL AREA not the office.

Number of hours on data management Cost per hour for IPCN Total savings per Audit Total Savings per year
12 €30 €360 (x 12) €4,320
8 €30 €240 (x 4) €960
20 €30 €600 (x 12) €5,280

Not spending that kind of time on reports and feedback?

Then you are not getting the kind of reports and feedback you need to initiate real, long lasting change.

Save specialist nurse time - 12 hours of desk work replaced with 12 hours of clinical expertise, extra audit time. Extra education time.

Beds Savings per year
200 £115,600
500 £289,000
1000 £578,000

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