COVID-19 (coronavirus) training for residential care homes and home care workers

Professional Healthcare Audit and Advisory Services

Our team of Infection Control Nurses and Healthcare professionals have developed a range of online training sessions to help your staff protect themselves and their clients from COVID-19.

Whether your team of care givers provide care in residential care homes, nursing homes or directly in patient’s own homes, we can provide easy to access, concise training on all aspects of COVID-19.

Individual workers can access our online training portal from their own homes or while at work, complete the training course and receive a certificate of achievement directly to their email address.

COVID-19 online training developed to meet the needs of

  • Care home staff COVID 19 (Coronavirus) and infection control Training.
  • Residential care staff Coronavirus (COVID-19) infection control training.
  • Home care workers (COVID-19) Coronavirus infection control training.
  • Nursing home workers (COVID-19) CORONA virus online training.

COVID-19 training for all grades of staff

  • Nurses, Physiotherapists, Occupational therapists.
  • Cleaning staff.
  • Catering staff.
  • Portering Staff

Corona Virus – Facts

Corona viruses are the most common cause of ‘colds’. Some can cause serious respiratory infections like pneumonias and some like SARS (Severe acute respiratory syndrome) cause outbreaks of serious like threatening infections.

This corona virus – COVID-19 causes symptoms that range from mild headache to loss of taste and smell, from a dry cough to severe breathlessness and bilateral pneumonias.

Prevention of spread is essential to protect us all and help us live as normally as possible during the COVID 19 pandemic.

For more information on our Coronavirus services and auditing systems to support management of COVID-19 see below

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